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Liability waiver

If you have high or low blood pressure, a heart condition, loss of consciousness or any other condition that may affect your safety during exercise we highly advise seeking support and medical clearance from your local GP before commencing and participating in BBM Motivation boot camps or programs.
Exercising and using BBM Motivation facilities may involve the risk of injury. You exercise and use BBM Motivation facilities at your own risk and you acknowledge that you understand and agree that BBM Motivation Ltd or its instructors are in no way responsible for any injuries or other misfortune sustained while attending any boot camps/classes.

Please always monitor your physical condition and exercise to a level that is appropriate given your knowledge of your health and any medical advice you have obtained. If any unusual symptoms occur immediately stop what you are doing and notify a staff member or see your local GP.

Media consent: I hereby grant BBM Motivation permission to use photographs and/or videos of me and/or any interview statements or testimonials I make, for editorial, marketing and educational purposes, in publications, grant applications and reports, newsletters, websites and social media pages. I understand I do not own the copyright of the materials, which may be used without restriction unless I specify. If there are any specific instances where you do not wish your name or statements, or photos and videos you appear in then please contact so we can be made aware.

Data collected will be shared with 3rd parties to seek future funding to support Just Move Charitable Health Trust and BBM Motivation. Any information collected that could be used to identify individuals is treated as strictly confidential. Names of people collected will not be stored with the responses. No information will be released that would enable an individual or a household to be identified.

Declaration: I hereby declare that I understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions and that to the best of my knowledge the information I have given is correct. I also understand that if any of the above information changes, I will inform BBM Motivation Ltd immediately. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian permission and signature is also required.

I agree to the BBM Motivation liability waiver

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